Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Asian Easter

I wore this dress to an event on Easter Sunday and an unimaginable amount of people have asked where I got this from. So here's the deets. 

This suit has a pure silk skirt with pearls attached. The material can be seen better in the picture above :) The top has cute embroidered flowers on the bottom left and top right of the top. 

 I purchased this online from a brand based in Pakistan called threads & motifs. Originally, it came with no sleeves, however I thought it would look better with sleeves. The top was also cropped so the tummy shows, but I asked for them to make the top a few inches longer. :) The quality of this suit is really lovely! My clutch is from Chanel. :) 

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Charlotte Tilbury buy's.


For a while, Charlotte Tilbury make up has become my new obsession. So here's small reviews of the  few items I own, which may help if CT is new to you. :) 

We'll start with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation, AKA the best foundation I have ever used. Every time a friend asks me what foundation they should buy, I go on and on and write them a 20 page essay of how they need the magic foundation in their life. I use the shade medium 7. It's advertised as quite a heavy duty, high coverage foundation, however I find I don't need much coverage lately, and using a small amount of this makes my skin look amazing! 

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Handling Short Hair!

So, I recently cut my hair from this: 

 to this: 

and with this, comes great responsibility of changing hair products. So here's what I found works best with my new hair. 

I recently visited Bumble & Bumble in boots, where a few things were recommended to me, firstly, the surf spray, which is really great when I don't want to straighten my hair and want wavy/curly hair. It gives quite a lot of volume too. But the best for volume is the BB thickening dryspun finish hairspray! This is amazing! It gives my hair so much volume, without the annoying feeling of having too much hairspray in my hair (which I hate), it feels amazingly lightweight and the results are incredible. 

 The lady kindly gave me these samples too! The surf foam wash shampoo and conditioner was good, but I didn't find it to be worth splashing out on. However, the BB straight is really cool, it doesn't make your hair incredibly straight without a straightener, but I can tell there's a difference when I use it and without. It's also really good as a defrizzer too. I do use the BB defrizz too, on days when I don't use BB straight. And lastly, the BB texture is really good to get your short hair to stay in updos! Yay! 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Summer Haul!

Heeey. Thought I'd do a small haul of the stuff I've bought recently.

 I finally gave in and decided to purchase the Glamglow Youthmud face mask! It was £40 in Fenwicks, whereas every other place sells it for £50, so the £10 off sort of got me. 
I have always wanted to try the Nip + Fab range, so started with the Bee Sting Fix Lifting Mask. Sounds weird, so I bought it. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

My new fashion obsession

Hi. It's really hot. Asos had a sale. Resulting in me buying really really loose dresses. They're so comfortable and I live in them! 

I bought this orange dress from Asos for £11! Such a bargain. I've also posted another really loose dress below from Asos which cost £10! 
Sunglasses - Rayban
Necklace - Chanel 
Dress - Asos 
Shoes - River Island 
Bag - Céline 
Bracelet - Céline

 I really love the Rayban Clubmasters, however they didn't suit as well as these Tom Ford style ones. They're much pricier at £250, but I loooove them. 


Sorry about the horrible camera quality and the 'caught off guard' pose, but this is another dress. This one has bat like arms, which makes it so flowey! I bought another 2 in this style which I haven't worn yet, but I definitely will post them when I have! 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Benefit's They're Real Push Up Eyeliner Review

As you all may know, Benefit have launched a new eyeliner, which I had no plan on purchasing. I ended up leaving Boots with it when they had their big beauty event. They offered me 500 advantage points when purchasing 2 Benefit products, so I thought I'd do a very quick review on this product. 

Monday, 30 June 2014

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Review

This BB cream caught my eye. If I can get away with it, I would rather not wear foundation on hot days, so I'm always in search for a great BB cream. 

I bought this in shade medium, it claims to; 
1. Create a natural glow
2. Compliment skin tone
3. SPF30 UV protection
4. Hydrate all day
5. Blur imperfection 
6. Be oil -free, non greasy 
7. Look visibly smooth
8. Feel fresh

I was first drawn to the pure dream BB cream, as it is for oily skin, however they only have shades light and medium, and the medium was way too light. 

Dream Fresh BB comes in 4 shades; light, medium, dark and universal glow. I still think I bought the wrong shade. It looks like my colour when you squeeze it out of the bottle, but when you blend it out, it becomes lighter! However, I still gave it a go, with some bronzer on top. 
I do feel like this gives a nice glow for summer, and has very light coverage (which I love). It does feel fresh on your skin, however this oxidises throughout the day. I did not feel as it blurs imperfections, but I wouldn't expect it to being a BB cream. My skin did feel hydrated, but not oily, which is great. :( It's main disadvantage is the colour selection. This was only £6.99, so if one of the 4 shades matches your skin, I would definitely recommend this for summery days!